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The JMP Company was established in 1977. Family traditions in flower growing go back over half a century. Many years of experience and qualification improvement has made us the biggest flower grower in Poland and the second biggest producer of anthurium in Europe and our rose cultivation is amongst the most modern in Europe.

In 1997, Jarosław and Maria Ptaszek with their children – Agnieszka, Michał and Jacek, decided to build a new greenhouse and initiated the promotion of a new trademark - JMP®, derived from the first letters of the founders` names and surname. In 2001, another extremely modern greenhouse for roses (2 ha) was built and in 2002 the JMP Flowers started a new anthurium greenhouse (1.7 ha), which is considered as the most modern greenhouses for growing cut flowers in the World. The development of JMP Flowers continued.

In the years 2007-2008, a new and extremely modern greenhouse for Phalaenopsis orchids was constructed (2.2 ha), being the biggest enterprise on the Polish market. The sale of flowers was initiated in the first quarter of 2009.

The recent investments of JMP Flowers are a breakthrough in the history of Polish greenhouse horticulture – the most modern anthurium and orchid greenhouses came into existence in Poland, in the Lublin region, and not in Holland as naturally expected.

At present, the JMP Flowers from Stężyca is one of the most modern companies in Poland ranking among the world leaders in its category. Thanks to experience and continuous development of cultivation techniques, JMP Flowers is the leader in the quality flowers. The specialized greenhouse cultivation, one of the most excellent and biggest worldwide, covers the area of more than 11 ha; the company employs about 100 workers.

The range of flowers offered by JMP Flowers includes about 60 varieties of roses (5.7 ha), 40 varieties of anthurium (3.2 ha) and several dozen of pot orchid varieties (2.2 ha).


To preserve the highest quality of our flowers during the production and packing process we use the most up to date technological solutions. The latest generation climate and fertilizer computers, triple shade - energy screens, high pressure air fogging, drizzling and watering systems, all creating and maintaining a unique climate typical and necessary for such demanding plants. Also the increase of light level and heating in JMP greenhouses, causes our flowers to be the best quality and are available to our customers' throughout the year, even in winter.

Nowadays we grow over 40 species of anthurium, including many novelties. All our plants originate from the biggest grower of new species, the Dutch company- Anthura. Amongst novelties grown, it is worth naming Maxima series species, which the name derives from princess Maxima- wife of Dutch heir, prince Wolelm-Alexander.

In order to honor many years of successful cooperation between JMP Flowers and Anthura, one of the newly lunched varieties was named “Marysia” by Ms Maria Ptaszek. It is worth mentioning that “Marysi”a was a prime variety in yellow and thanks to that it is greatly approved by customers. To assure the highest quality of our flowers we apply biological protection for growing roses. As the first ones in Poland we installed in our company an automatic line for sorting and packing roses.

Before dispatching, roses are stored in the warehouse with a constant adequate temperature. Modern growing technologies used make us capable to offer high quality and durability of our flowers. As the first ones in Polish gardening we applied on such a scale a Total Energy System which is an energy concentration. Presently we have gas power stations by ABB and Jenbaher of a total power of 7, m2 MW (megawatt). Periodic excess of thermal energy from the power station is gathered in buffers looking like huge thermoses of 1,5 million liters capacity which is afterwards used for greenhouses heating.


Thanks to the most modern greenhouse built, the JMP Flowers has been ranked first in Poland, second in Europe and third worldwide among the producers of anthurium cut flowers.

The Lublin Province Marshal awarded the JMP Company for special achievements in promoting the Lublin area in Poland and abroad with an honorary title "the AMBASADOUR OF THE LUBLIN PROVINCE 2003"

2003 brought another success. Out of 600 companies taking part in a competition organized by the Polish Employers Confederation and Lublinian Employers Association, JMP got a statue "LUBLINIAN EAGLE OF BUSINESS" from the Province Governor of Lublin.

In 2004 in the presence of Deputy Minister of Economy, Jerzy Hausner, the JMP Company was awarded with an economy prize of the Lublinian Business Club "BUSINESS FORUM 2003".

In 2005, the Ptaszeks were awarded in the poll of TVP agricultural section and Agrobazar magazine. Moreover, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development honoured them with the “Golden Cup of Agroleague Championship”.

In 2007, the flowers produced by the JMP Flowers were awarded several medals (3 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze) at the Zentralverband Gartenbau exhibition in Munich.

In September 2008, Marek Sawicki, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development awarded the Maria and Jarosław Ptaszek horticulture farm with the “Model Gardener 2008” title.

JMP Flowers - we grow our flowers with passion.