Już 40 lat

Jacek Świtaj

Place of residenceStężyca
EducationSecondary / Mechanic Technician
How long have you been working for jmp flowers?Until 1989 I worked for the company on a casual basis, as a textiles salesman at the European Fair (the Dziesięciolecia Stadium). I was then entrusted with assembling shading elements in this facility, over an area of 0.7 h. In 1989 I got my first job in the JMP Flowers greenhouse on a piece-rate basis. In 1992 I gained a permanent contract.
What positions have you held?1 – Manual greenhouse worker
2 – Selling vegetables in the Krakowiaków – Okęcie market
3 – Flower sales at Bakalarska 2
4 – Flower sales in Bronisze – Branch Office Manager