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Roman Kwaśniak

Place of residencePoznań
How long have you been working for jmp flowers?For 12 years
What positions have you held?I started with pouring water into anthurium stands. I was then responsible for anthurium leaf and flower cutting for five years, following which I was seconded to branch offices in Tychy, Bronisze, Poznań and Bakalarska. Since 2010 I have worked as Head of the Poznań branch office.
My greatest achievement (private and/or professionThe year 2013/2014, which brought a considerable increase in sales recorded for the Poznań branch office, and the pavilion extension.
I work for jmp flowers because…This is an evolutionary enterprise which is constantly developing its activities.
In my free time…I love travelling, swimming, cycling, driving and spending time with my friends in an active way.
What i consider important…Family and stability
My favourite flower…White roses