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Agnieszka Ptaszek-Kwolek

Place of residenceStężyca
EducationHigher education: (A graduate of full-time studies in Warsaw in the field of Management and marketing, daily studies at SWPS, Social Psychology), a graduate of Doctoral Studies (economics) at the Warsaw School of Economics; international CEMS program (scholarship at Erasmus University in Rotterdam), post-graduate floristic studies at SGGW, course at Istituto Marangoni (Milan)
How long have you been working for jmp flowers?My parents have been involved in the life of the company from a small age. From an early age, we have carried out cleaning, auxiliary and maintenance works in the greenhouse.
What positions have you held?I started as a greenhouse worker. I was a warehouseman – seller in the department of roses. I dealt with marketing, obtaining and accounting for EU funds, managing investment projects and developing the own sales network, as well as selling, exporting and acquiring clients as Key Account Manager.
My greatest achievement (private and/or professionThe greatest professional successes – still ahead of me. Every day I work on making JMP Flowers a recognizable brand in Europe, the first choice when buying flowers and the undisputed leader in its industry. I also dream about promoting a beautiful tradition of giving flowers. Privately: starting a family. Socially: initiation and organization of the 4th edition of the Stężycki Triathlon, which promotes sporting activities and the organization of the “Wisła Gospel” Festival.
I work for jmp flowers because…It’s a great industry and a company that my parents created with passion from scratch. Working at JMP Flowers gives me the opportunity to grow and co-create a company with my family, as well as the continuing work and values ​​of my ancestors.
In my free time…Cinema, theater, travel, triathlon, kite-surfing, books, cooking, motorbike, bicycle.
What i consider important…Love, harmony, development, cooperation, fruitful creation with passion and joy, sense of fulfillment.
My favourite flower…I like to always have fresh, cut flowers at home, especially the Bombastic branch rose; on the window sill I also have a lot of different orchids – some have been blooming for many years.