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Social activities

His other social activities have included providing financial support to the local football team, which Stężyca residents are truly proud of, as well as rebuilding the Stężyca sports stadium, which is one of the most eye-pleasing facilities of its kind in the Lubelskie Voivodeship.

Jointly with his family and common land owners, Jarosław Ptaszek has organised and provided financial support to a project involving the construction of the Educational and Sports Centre in Stężyca. The newly constructed facilities have offered convenient conditions to study and practise sports to children and young people residing in the Stężyca commune.

Since 2005 Jarosław Ptaszek has performed the honourable function of President of the Stężyca Friends Association. During that period he has succeeded in engaging Stężyca residents in diverse social activities implemented as part of the “Vistula Backwater – Active Recreation in Stężyca project, having demonstrated his own involvement on a voluntary basis.

Since 2013 Jacek Ptaszek, acting on behalf of the Management Board of the Stężyca Friends Association, in cooperation with the BGŻ Foundation, has initiated and managed the English Club project. Each year the project provides 50 primary-school and junior-high-school students from Stężyca with an opportunity to attend a free English-language course.

Jarosław Ptaszek has also performed the function of Head of the Investment Section of the Stężyca Friends Association, closely cooperating with the Architectural and Supervision Inspector, and supervising the work performed by the General Contractor in connection with building the Wyspa Wisła (Vistula Island) recreational complex. He currently holds the position of Head of the Economic Section of the Stężyca Friends Association, supervising the business activities of Wyspa Wisła. This investment, worth over PLN 20,000,000, is a perfectly organised recreational park covering an area of over 23 hectares. It is the largest investment of its kind in Poland, implemented to date by a public-benefit institution. The park has provided jobs for 16 people and has provided excellent active recreation and relaxation conditions, to both Stężyca residents and visitors, along with good quality catering. Wyspa Wisła has become famous for its numerous artistic and cultural events, including the Wyspa Wisła Regaee Festival, the Wisła Gospel Festival, Stężyca Triathlonthe JMP Flowers Tennis Cup and several editions of the Flower Show organised jointly with a school and run by Ms Mariola Miklaszewska. Such initiatives also reflect the true passion for sports and music in the Ptaszek family.

In recognition of his involvement, Jarosław Ptaszek was awarded the Gold Cross of Merit by President Aleksander Kwaśniewski, and the “Merited for Agriculture” Medal. He has also received the title of “Merited for the Stężyca Land” which is the highest distinction a local community can award. The Stężyca Friends Association, led by its President, sets a positive example of shaping a civil society in Poland.